Browser compatibility

Our themes are designed to be compatible with the latest and most modern web browsers. As a rule of thumb, we can guarantee perfect compatibility on the two most recent versions of the main browsers. Here are the currently supported versions:

  • Safari - latest two releases for Mac
  • Chrome - latest three releases for Mac and PC
  • Firefox - latest three releases for Mac and PC
  • Edge - latest two releases for PC

Please note that these are the latest minor versions of each browser that are supported. It's important to ensure that your browser is up to date to experience optimal compatibility with our themes.

However, it's worth mentioning that our themes no longer support Internet Explorer 11. This decision aligns with Shopify's requirements and is due to the fact that Microsoft no longer provides support or security upgrades for Internet Explorer 11. Continuing to use this browser poses potential risks to your website's security. We strongly recommend upgrading to a more modern and secure browser as soon as possible.

Ensuring a smooth browsing experience for your customers on the latest browser versions will contribute to the overall performance and security of your online store.

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