How to create different image sets for product variants

You can attach multiple images per a product variant.

Follow the steps below.

To show an image for a variant only

Use alt text that consists of four parts:

  1. #
  2. option name
  3. _ (underscore)
  4. variant name

For example, #color_ice

If your variant name consists of multiple words (e.g., "Sunset Orange"), then you should write it in lowercase with separators between the words. For example, the appropriate alt tag would be: #color_sunset orange

To set alt tag:

  • From the product details page, click a product media item to see the Preview media page.
  • Click Add alt text.
  • Enter your alt text, and then click Save alt text.
  • Click the X to exit the preview page.

To show an image for several variants

You need to duplicate the image and use separate copies for different variants.

For example, two copies of the same image. The first copy has alt text #color_ice and the second one #color_dawn.

To show an image for all the variants

If you don't use such special tags, the image will be shown for all the variants.

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