How to add complementary and recommended products

Our themes have recommended product sections that display complementary and related products to customers on your product pages.

These recommendations can be customized using the Shopify Search & Discovery app.

Product recommendation requirements

A recommended product displays on the product page only if the following criteria are met:

  • It isn't sold out.
  • It has a price higher than $0.00.
  • It isn't a gift card.
  • It is published to your Online Store sales channel.
  • It isn't currently in the visitor's cart.

These requirements help customers discover and purchase currently available products.

Complementary Products

Complementary products are products often bought in addition to a selected product. You can display complementary products to help customers discover new products and increase your online store sales.

Use the following best practices to choose complementary product recommendations:

  • Choose product recommendations that you are confident customers will find useful
  • Choose products that would be considered a good add-on to the original product
  • Choose products that are lower or equivalent in cost to the original product‍

Related Products

Related products are products that are similar to a selected product. You can display potential substitutes to help customers discover other similar products they might like.

Automatically generated product recommendations.

Related product recommendations are automatically generated for each product in your store. When you're customizing recommendations for a product in the Search & Discovery app, you can see a preview of the automatically generated recommendations.

Shopify has built-in strategies to adjust automatically generated product recommendations based on products that are commonly purchased together, have a similar product description, or products in related collections. It's not possible to edit the automatically generated product recommendations.

The products that you recommend can increase the chance that a customer will find relevant products, which can lead to increased sales. Consider the following best practices when designing a product recommendation strategy for your online store:

Choose product recommendations that you are confident customers will find useful.

Allow automatically generated product recommendations to display with your custom recommendations because the automatically generated recommendations adjust to reflect changes to your products and customer activity. This will also make sure recommendations are displayed when your custom product recommendations are sold out or unpublished.

Be sure that your theme settings are displaying the amount of product recommendations you want.

Customize product recommendations that display on your product page


  1. In the Shopify Search & Discovery app, click Product Recommendations, and then click Add recommendations.
  2. Select a product that you want to customize product recommendations for.
  3. Select up to 10 Complementary products.
  4. Select up to 10 Related products to recommend.
  5. Set the product to display only the custom recommendations or to display both custom recommendations and automatically generated recommendations.
  6. Click Save.
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